Bondage Sex: Ropes, Ties, Positions, Blowjobs, Restraints and Anything Else You Should Know About Bondage | 成都凯和迷你仓|自助仓储|行李寄存

Bondage Sex: Ropes, Ties, Positions, Blowjobs, Restraints and Anything Else You Should Know About Bondage

Bondage Sex: Ropes, Ties, Positions, Blowjobs, Restraints and Anything Else You Should Know About Bondage

Here’s our pick for the TOP 3 sexiest novice bondage techniques to try!

1. The crab tie position

The crab tie bondage position binds the sub’s wrists with their ankles and commonly adds bindings around their knees and elbows aswell. This will be a significant restrictive position since it permits them simply to move onto their as well as open or shut their feet.

a much less high-risk variation for the crab tie position is utilizing silk scarves to bind the sub’s forearms to their calves. It’s super-sexy and it is ideal for blow jobs and cunnilingus along with regular intercourse!


Your sub sits on the ground or a sleep along with their knees bent. You blindfold them having a silk scarf or blindfold and hold their arms close to their knees. Bind their hands against their calves utilizing either a silk scarf or Velcro arm-to-thigh cuffs.

2. The chair bondage place

Popularized in Hollywood films through damsel-in-distress situations, the seat bondage place is fairly restrictive while staying comfortable and acutely low danger. You can test this place on any chair that is sturdy a straight straight back and armrests, but an inflatable sex seat with wrist and ankle restraints works magically!


Your sub sits from the seat along with their hands regarding the armrest and their legs on the ground. Connect their wrists towards the armrests and their ankles to your seat feet. (If you’re utilizing a inflatable intercourse seat, utilize the built-in restraints). You could add a blindfold to boost the impression of helplessness!

3. The spreadeagle

The spreadeagle bondage place spreads the sub’s hands and feet wide apart, which makes it ideal for beginner-level play-struggling. There are a large number of techniques to try this place, with regards to the variety of bed and gear available for you.

  • You can tie your sub’s arms and legs directly to the posts if you have a four-poster bed.
  • For beds without corner articles or structures, you might need longer items of silk or fabric cords to install to the bed’s legs.
  • The best and a lot of convenient choice is to purchase a sleep discipline kit. These kits that are handy with sufficient material materials to loop underneath the sleep, making them perfect for just about any model of sleep!


Your sub lies to their straight back for a sleep and spreads their legs and arms hairy pussy webcams apart that is wide. You secure their wrists and ankles towards the matching corners associated with the sleep making use of lengths of silk textile. you could add a blindfold or gag to drive your sub’s emotions of suspense for them next as they are left wondering what you have in store!

Intermediate bondage restraints and ties

When you’ve proven a few of the novice bondage restraints, you’ll quickly wish to just take things beyond silk scarves and textile cuffs! During the next degree, you are able to explore also kinkier roles that lead to much more wild and sex that is passionate!

Here’s our guide to the most truly effective 3 intermediate bondage restraints to use!

1. Hogtie

Resembling a little cross, this fabric and metal discipline referred to as a ‘hogtie’ is amongst the BEST bondage restraints you might require! Many hogties function a main o-ring and four leather-based straps with quick-release clips that put on material or leather-based wrist and ankle cuffs.

As the title recommends, the hogtie makes the full-body restraint place referred to as ‘hogtie’ very simple! Making use of a hogtie is far safer and dependable than utilizing rope and allows you to try out this restraint that is advanced your bondage play!

2. Spreader bar

The next restraint that is intermediate master may be the spreader bar! Spreader pubs can be found in lots of designs and also at lots of cost points.

Budget-friendly textile spreader pubs have wrist and ankle cuffs that fasten with Velcro. The most affordable items are fabric only, offering your sub loads of freedom to maneuver.

Some textile pubs have actually an amount of steel sewn in to the material, making them ridged and much more restrictive. More spreader that is expensive feature metal pubs that will accommodate more heavy-duty fabric or metal cuffs.

All spreader pubs function leg cuffs which you can use to help keep a sub’s feet spread wide apart. Many pubs feature restraint points for wrist cuffs, either between or away from feet, providing you with a range that is huge of to explore!

3. Door restraints

In the event that you’ve constantly desired to act away your damsel-in-distress dream, home restraints may help make your aspirations be realized! Tying someone’s hands together above their mind with rope could be very dangerous, however these kits ensure it is safer and more comfortable.

Just loop the two straps within the top of any hinged door and shut the entranceway to keep them set up. Make use of the soft, cushioned wrist cuffs to help keep your sub’s arms high above their minds for many bondage action that is kinky!

The very best 3 bondage that is intermediate roles

You’ve bought a hogtie, a spreader set and bar of home restraints – now just just what?

These three products allow you to explore a huge selection of passionate bondage jobs. We’re speaking about moves that may make your woman wet with BEGGING and excitement to get more!

Here you will find the three most EROTIC intermediate bondage sex roles to use!

1. The Hogtie

The hogtie’s popularity that is enduring much to its simpleness. This position leaves the sub completely incapacitated and barely able to roll over, depending on how tightly the hogtie is drawn with the bare minimum of materials!

Needless to say you can look at this place with only some bondage rope, but we don’t suggest it. Until you’ve had unique training, hogtying your lover with rope is merely a recipe for catastrophe!

Rather, make use of hogtie with fast launch clips an some fabric that is forgiving.

This makes this place much safer while still being EXCESSIVELY EROTIC!


Connect the textile cuffs to your sub’s wrists and ankles as they lie face down in the sleep. Clip the ankle cuffs towards the hogtie and lift up your sub’s ankles up towards their butt. Bring their arms behind their back and clip the cuffs towards the hogtie to accomplish the career.

Keep In Mind:

Many people may battle to draw breathing in this place therefore always utilize a hogtie with quick-release videos that will release the pose immediately if any problems happen.

2. The Bottom’s Up

Among the simplest AND sexiest intermediate bondage moves to understand, the Bottom’s Up place is just one of the spreader bar positions that are best to test! This pose that is wonderful your sub’s butt full of the atmosphere, prepared for whatever devilish dreams you have waiting for you for them!


Have actually your sub kneel regarding the sleep on all fours. Force their legs firmly aside and cuff their ankles using the ankle cuffs from the spreader club. Lower their face on the pillow and back bring their arms one after the other to cuff them to the wrist cuffs in the spreader bar, either between or away from their feet.

3. The Offering

This classic damsel-in-distress bondage place allows you to place both a spreader club AND a home discipline kit to use that is good!

(Note: redraw showing employing a home discipline kit, maybe perhaps not rope )


Position her back to the door to your sub and distribute her feet. Connect the ankle cuffs on the spreader club to her ankles to generate a feeling of vulnerability. Cuff your sub’s wrists to the home discipline straps in order that they are high above her mind.

Keep In Mind:

Keeping a person’s fingers above their mind for too much time may cause blood supply dilemmas and perhaps fainting, so this move must certanly be restricted in length. The padded fabric cuffs supplied with many home suspension kits should avoid exorbitant stress nonetheless they should nevertheless be utilized only briefly.